KYLIN SPORT Battle Rope 40 FT

KYLIN SPORT Battle Rope 40 FT
KYLIN SPORT - We offer different sizes and weights for all fitness levels. Specifications: - color: black - length optional: 9m30", 12m40", 15m50" - Diameter: 38mm1. 5" - material: polyester - Net weight optional 38mmx9m1. 5"x30'-7. 8kgs 38mmx12m1. 5"x40'-104kgs 38mmx15m1. 5"x50'- 12. 8kgs package contents: - 1x Fitness rope Diameter: 38mm1.
5", wear resistant and durable, material: polyester, 3 strand twist desig, high tensile strength. Perfect for cardio training, increase reaction time & metabolic rate. It is perfect for boxers, surfers, baseball, basketball, mixed martial artists, swimmers, tennis players, it will improve your endurance of shoulders, or anyone looking forward to promoting their physical fitness to a new level.
KYLIN SPORT Battle Rope 40 FT - Rubber grips that won't slip out of your hands and that protect from blisters and friction! Our grips make for a comfortable and tight grip allowing you to focus on technique. Yellow tracking Line, Convenient for Maintenance. The heavier the battle rope, the harder it is! .
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